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Amberlayy and Galaxia 2014 ref by NintendoRainbow


Full name: Amberlayy Adams-Wheeler (She goes just by Amberlayy Adams)
Age: 14
Nicknames: Amby, Rainbow, Amber.
Theme song: ((I still need to figure this one out))
Styles: Rainbows!
Likes: Colourful things, warm weather, video games, eating a lot, drawing, cute and furry animals
Dislikes: Bugs, being cold, and especially bullies
Favorite thing: Rainbows
Favorite food: Pizza
Main PSI: PK Fire  

Amberlayy grew up in poverty, and the only thing she had was a charm necklace given to her by her grandmother.
She kept the charm with her always for good luck...Until one day her charm started glowing one day, giving her PSI and the ability to predict the future. A Pigmask took her away from her home and forced her into working for them to raise money for her family, she noticed what they were doing something wrong when she heard rumours about their horrible actions, she attempted to quit her job, but she was forced to stay there or be killed. Kumatora saves her from the factory after she hears Amberlayy had special PSI powers of her own, and that Amberlayy also could be useful because of her predictions of the future. 

  • Amberlayy is skilled at telling when someone is lying to her.
  • She has a huge crush on Kumatora, despite her being mean and rude sometimes.
  • She is polite, but feisty if someone gets on her nerves.


Full name: Galaxia Adams-Wheeler (Goes by Galaxia Adams)
Age: ???
Nicknames: Amberlayy's pet, Ms.Saturn.
Styles: Animal print
Likes: Being fashionable, getting attention.
Dislikes: Gross and disgusting things, being pushed around.

A lonely Mr.Saturn that had no parents got stuck in some weird goo, Amberlayy saved him/her from the mess, and after that the Mr.Saturn became attached to her because of her niceness, becoming her pet ever since. His/Her name is Galaxia. 

  • Galaxia is the only "female" Mr.Saturn.
  • His/her hair is actually a wig, and can be changed anytime.
  • If Galaxia goes too long without attention,he/she turns mean really fast.

My MOTHER oc's, Amberlayy and Galaxia belong to moi~

MOTHER/Earthbound (c) Nintendo 
Choko-Chakku Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome, I haven't see your Mother art
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